Prince Sereens Flag

یک هدف، یک شعار, یک پرچم، یعنی پیروزی. اسلام پله کردین مردم ذله کردین مفت خوری های دولت، توهین به شان ملت. عامل فقر ملت، این دولت بی غیرت. نه حکم داریم نه حاکم، دزدن خود محاکم، وحدت کلمه شاهزاده سرین.

The official flag of exiled Immortal Sereen of Sasanian Persian Empire. The Immortals were named by Herodotus of Greece when he entered Persia. Seeing is believing. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is written by a Persian. Persian Gulf Forever.


The Iranian Islamic Republic sentenced Sereen Badiei to punishment as the corruptor of the world.

The term, corruptor of the world is taken from the Quran, the Muslims' holy book, and ranks among the highest on the scale of individual criminal offenses.

Under Iran's Islamic Penal Code, it carries a death penalty. Iranian authorities confiscated all my family's real estate worth tens of millions of dollars, burned all of my family's portraits, stole every valuable we owned, including gem quality precious stones and near priceless jewels as well as hundred of thousands of dollars of furniture.

And now the Hezbollah news papers publish nothing but lies about me and my father and my family while the Mujahideen blogs and Hezbollah openly recruits jihadist for my assassination.

There is no statute of limitations for murder. Hezbullah will pay for all their human rights violations committed by the Islamic Republic of Iran. I will not let them get away with murder. I need you to fight with me, to seek justice for me and my father murder and I will promise you victory.


Sereen Badiei no longer has allegiance to his majesty Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi after his death. Sereen is exiled from Iran under Islamic Law.

The Iranian people committed treason by handing over sovereignty to the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is now a theocratic dictatorship and corrupt to its core, violating gay rights, women's rights and basically all human rights.

Sereen Pars will fight to end the theocratic dictatorship and the intolerance, corruption and injustice in Iran.

As a free man and as a true Persian prince of the ancient royal blood of Persia, Prince Sereen Pars is not under the jurisdiction of the Islamic Republic of Iran or the US. does not accept or comply with any religious laws. Prince Sereen Pars only follows the first civilization's Declaration of Rights of Cyrus the Great founder of Persian empire, an empire that someday will return to the people of Iran.

To this day Prince Sereen remains a proud citizen of Iran and now a proud resident of the United State.


Spread fear and death threats of Hezbullah to Sereen through videos